Traditionally, the first week of September has meant putting fall fashion pieces into rotation, and even with a rare heat wave in the mix. Yes, it’s hard to start thinking about velvet slips and sweaters when it is still hot AF. We thought it time to ask the Style Panel for advice on how to transition our wardrobes seamlessly into the next season. Whether it’s layering slip dresses over white t-shirts or working off-the-shoulder tops with darker-toned pieces, here are eight style tips on how to get more wear out of your summer faves when the temperature dips (eventually).

Accessories have the power to transform the simplest of looks, where would that black dress be without a statement necklace, stunning sandals. They help translate your mood and let you express your style in a way that’s all your own.

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If you guys remember my 3 work outfits post during the summer, one of the outerwear that I wore often during the lighter temperatures was a white trench coat! If I’m not wearing all white looks then I’m wearing a statement white piece. There’s not much that changed this season except now I’m donning a thicker and cozier white coat like this Topshop coat (similar one found here). Because white is such a neutral color, this coat is incredibly versatile and can be worn in any setting while still looking classy and pulled together.